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SSA-1881 Seagull

The SSA-1881 Seagull is a not-quite-lighter-than-air aircraft. At slow speeds, it operates as a boat, cruising along the surface. Once you hit 50% throttle, the aerodynamic lift of the wings combined with the twin lifting gas cells is sufficient to allow the craft to become airborne, after which it flies a lot like an airplane, except that the weight of the central boat is too heavy to permit the craft to roll over or loop upside-down, and if you cut engines, it falls from the sky due to lack of lift, but at a slow, pleasant, safe speed.

The SSA-1881 has the following features:

SSA-1881 Seagull
  • Two modes of operation: cruise along the water's surface like a speedboat, or throttle up and take to the skies.
  • Capable of carrying 5 passengers (including the pilot).
  • Engine sounds and textures that vary depending on speed.
  • Particle effects: leaves a wake behind when being used as a speedboat.
  • Ejection mechanism for unwanted passengers.
  • Windows configurable to be clear or opaque.
  • Three different control modes: Flight Sim, Inverted, and FPS (first person shooter) modes.
  • Autoparking feature to return your aircraft to precisely the position and rotation you like it in when not in use.

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