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SSA-1901 Lakehurst

Introducing the SSA-1901 Lakehurst from Second Skies, recapturing the golden age of the airship. Features include:

SSA-1901 Lakehurst
  • 41 meters long nose to tail, our longest physical airship.
  • Capable of carrying 5 passengers (including the pilot).
  • Classic design, shape and texturing to invoke the glory days of the great airship.
  • Engine sounds and textures that vary depending on speed.
  • Moving control surfaces (tail fins).
  • Three different control modes: Flight Sim, Inverted, and FPS (first person shooter) modes.
  • Privacy-glass in the windows, toggle clear or opaque.
  • Body and tail fins easily colored from the menus. (Other parts may be colored or retextured using SL editing tools.)
  • Programmable autopilot capable of flying the ship on courses crossing any number of sims, with or without a pilot or passengers onboard.
  • Ejection mechanism for unwanted passengers.
  • Autoparking feature to return your airship to precisely the position and rotation you like it in when not in use.
  • Mooring feature using the included Mooring Tower, an alternative way to precisely position parked airships, as well as a fun way to park it.
  • Positions itself next to nearest mooring tower on rez (if one is located within 40m of the rez point).

For more information, or to take a test flight, visit your local Second Skies dealer.

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