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DreamTech Aeronautics skyport in Solha, 2006-06-11

About Second Skies

Second Skies is a manufacturer of airships, aircraft, and other items in Second Life. Started by Gaius Goodliffe in May 2006 under the name DreamTech Aeronautics in a large hangar in Ribeata, it soon moved to Solha, where it maintained an aerial base and seaside docks until that October.

On October 21st, 2006, DreamTech Aeronautics became Second Skies, and moved its operations to the recently purchased class 4 sim, Dogfight Atoll.

Second Skies in Dogfight Atoll, 2007-01-22

January 2007 saw a significant expansion in the product line at Second Skies, followed almost immediately by the first month in which it took in more money than it spent in tier. In addition to expanding its own product line, Second Skies also became host for a few aircraft by guest designer Julia Banshee. Soon after, Michelle Morphett took over the top story of the store for the MetaMorph Sky Shop, and Mifune Thibaud began EB Aeronautica next door.

Second Skies dabbled in the real estate market during the spring of 2007, acquiring some Openspaces and renting small parcels, but soon abandoned the market as too much hassle and distraction away from building, returning to its core market of making and selling airships and other vehicles. The original Dogfight Atoll was sold, and the Openspaces were collapsed into the new class 5 Dogfight Atoll (existing for a short time under the name Dogfight Pacific until the original Dogfight Atoll was renamed Straylight by the new owner, Kriss Lehmann).

Dawn of a new day at Second Skies in Skies of Tomorrow, 2008-03-07

Second Skies continued to operate out of Dogfight Atoll until the end of February 2008, when Dogfight Atoll was acquired by Extropia and split back into Openspaces. One of the new Openspace sims, Skies of Tomorrow, became the new base of operations for Second Skies. Also sharing the new airbase is AirHearts, which takes over selling the JB-series of aircraft.

Thus dawns the third age of Second Skies. Another major expansion of the product line will coincide with the introduction of Havok4 in Second Life, significantly broadening our offerings, particularly in the retro-futuristic style, although some new modern designs are also forthcoming. Stay tuned.