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We're Moving!

Alas, the old Extropia estate is no more. We are moving to a new sim; this page will be updated with the location of our new aerodrome soon.

For nostalgia's sake, the old info about Skies of Tomorrow follows...

Skies of Tomorrow

Dawn of a new day at Second Skies in Skies of Tomorrow

Skies of Tomorrow is a sim connected to the Extropia micro-continent. It is one of four sims formed by the breakup of Dogfight Atoll into Openspaces at the end of February 2008. All land in the sim is owned by the Skies of Tomorrow group, a collaboration between Second Skies and AirHearts, with most of it allocated to Second Skies.

Skies of Tomorrow serves as the public aerodrome for Extropia. All residents and visitors are welcome to come to Skies of Tomorrow to fly. The entire Extropia estate is open for flying, with a covenant enforcing no ban lines or options inimical to aviators.

Skies of Tomorrow map

Unlike Dogfight Atoll, Skies of Tomorrow has no time-period restrictions. Modern jets and even spacecraft as welcome here, along with the always welcome steampunk flyers and our traditional mid 20th century aircraft. Anything goes, although we obviously still have a preference towards the mid 20th century. The name "Skies of Tomorrow" is a nod in the direction of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Welcome, come fly, and have fun!