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DTA-2001 Premier

The DTA-2001 is a 10 passenger airship that features unprecedented performance for its class. Measuring 35 meters from nose to tail, she's larger than a blue whale, but with two powerful DreamTech Industries 443RP engines, she's capable of sustaining speeds in excess of 65 kph. Large, movable control surfaces (tail fins) and variable engine speeds allow the ship to turn with agility, and a configurable control system allows the ship to be piloted with ease by novices as well as experienced aviators. The ship comes with an onboard computer capable of automatically flying courses you program, even with no pilot aboard! Rounding out the list of features are autoparking, a variety built-in skins for alternate looks, pilot and passenger poses designed specifically for this ship, easy passenger ejection, and an optional advertising panel capable of displaying up to 40 meters of messages on it's 10m x 2.5m side-scrolling display.

DTA-2001 Premier

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