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SSA-1941 Deukalion

The SSA-1941 Deukalion is a large-scale structure, intended as a large airborne building, but fully pilotable should you choose to fly it around. Features include:

SSA-1941 Deukalion
  • 84.46 meters long, 24.5 meters wide, 8 objects, 289 prims total.
  • Comes with autorez system for easy setup, moving, or deletion.
  • Interior contains a spacious master bedroom, second bedroom, library/study, living/entertainment area, bridge, and observation deck/cargo area.
  • Cargo door in belly of ship, opens and closes, lockable.
  • All doors feature locks and configurable auto-close feature.
  • All windows feature optional privacy glass.
  • Bridge contains old-style ship's helm, modern system consoles, and seating for five in addition to the pilot.
  • Helm can be configured for use by the owner only, any group member, anyone at all, or it can be disabled entirely.
  • Helm warmup period to help prevent accidental ship movement.
  • Upmost deck holds seven individually sealed lifting gas cells for maximal safety.
  • Six engine nacelles, powerful but with an audible but pleasantly low volume hum when in operation for passenger comfort.
  • Constructed for use as a spacious residence, but adaptable to many roles, such as sky home, base ship, floating store, business office, or what else you might want a large floating structure for. It's the ultimate multi-purpose "skybox".
  • Flyable, even across sims, although the results are not always pretty (see owner's manual for details, available in the store).

Over the last year, many people have asked about a "Prometheus Lite", something like the Prometheus, but not quite so large and with less prims, so it can be comfortably used on smaller parcels. This airship was built to satisfy that demand, but although it's lighter on the prims and size, it's most definitely not lighter on the features. According to legend, Deukalion was the son of Prometheus, and this is the first of our next generation of large-scale airships. Improvements over the original Prometheus-class airships include the improved bridge design, new helm features like warmup and configurable permission to pilot, improved design and texturing of the engines, improved scripting and configurability for all the doors, both cargo and interior, and improved privacy options like optional one-way glass and locking doors.

(Current owners of the Prometheus, take heart, these new features will be standard on the Prometheus II, scheduled for completion soon, and will be made available to current owners as a free upgrade. Likewise, Deukalion owners will receive free upgrades to future versions of the Deukalion when they become available.)

For more information, or to view a demo model, visit your local Second Skies dealer.

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