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SSA-1931 Prometheus

The SSA-1931 Prometheus is a large-scale structure, intended as a large airborne building, but fully pilotable should you choose to fly it around. Features include:

SSA-1931 Prometheus
  • 124 meters long, 25 meters wide, 627 prims total.
  • Comes with autorez system for easy setup, moving, or deletion.
  • Interior contains 12 spacious (20m x 9m) staterooms, a ballroom, foreward and aft lounges, the bridge, and a large open cargo area and/or hangar.
  • Rear cargo bay door opens and closes on click.
  • Skydome over ballroom opens and closes for hosting open-air events.
  • Bridge contains helm, navigation, systems, and command officer chairs.
  • Upmost deck holds 24 individually sealed lifting gas bags for maximal safety.
  • 16 engine nacelles, powerful but with an audible but pleasantly low volume hum when in operation for passenger comfort.
  • Constructed as a luxury passenger liner, adaptable to many roles, such as sky mansion, base ship, floating apartment complex, business HQ, or what else you might want a large floating structure for. It's the ultimate multi-purpose "skybox"!
  • Flyable, even across sims, although the results are not always pretty (see owner's manual for caveats).

For more information, or to view a demo model, visit your local Second Skies dealer.

Second Skies, Skies of Tomorrow (200, 63, 42)

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