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SSA-1801 Vagabond

The SSA-1801 Vagabond is a flying steamship, designed to evoke the spirit of the 19th century "tramp steamer", in a Mark Twain meets Jules Verne sort of way. The SSA-1801 Vagabond has the following features:

SSA-1801 Vagabond
  • 30 meters long, 28.5 meters wide, 16 meters tall.
  • Single object, 199 prims.
  • Carries 15 passengers (3 on bridge including the pilot, 12 on deck) when unfurnished. Adding furniture with sit targets gives additional seating.
  • Seven interior rooms: bridge, forward dining or lounge, captain's cabin, first mate's cabin or office, engine room, boiler room/galley, and upper deck passthru.
  • Modifiable -- link in your own furnishings and/or change interior layout, add wallpaper (textures), etc.
  • Quasi-historic, retro-futuristic design, with steampunk animated texturing.
  • Engine sounds, propeller motion, texture animation, and particle effects that vary depending on speed.
  • Travel by sea or by air, works as a boat or as an airship (max altitude: 768 meters).
  • Programmable autopilot capable of flying the ship on courses crossing any number of sims, with or without a pilot or passengers onboard.
  • Ejection mechanism for unwanted passengers.
  • Autoparking feature to return your airship to precisely the position and rotation you like it in when not in use.

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