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SSA-1911 Tin Man

The Tin Man is, in terms of its flight characteristics, our most wildly unrealistic airship, for which I make no apologies, since realism wasn't a design goal. The ship was designed to provide a platform for engaging in aerial combat against aircraft using either TCS (Terra Combat System) or CCC (Callahan Combat Control). So, throwing realism out the window, I proceeded to make a mobile anti-aircraft platform, essentially a floating anti-aircraft turret, designed to accompany cargo zeppelins that aren't heavily armed enough to defend themselves adequately against air pirates. (Did I mention my friends are into Crimson Skies?) Or, alternately, if you are yourself in the "pre-emptive air salvage" business, these can be used to defend your loot against "rival businessmen".

SSA-1911 Tin Man

The SSA-1911 Tin Man is not based upon, but was certainly inspired by, the US Navy's ZMC-2 metal-clad airship, nicknamed the "Tin Bubble" or sometimes the "tinship" (despite the fact that it was not clad in tin, but duralumin). The Tin Bubble was a sub-scale test vehicle, intended to usher in a future age of metal-clad airships. It was considered a success, but by the time of it's decommissioning, the Navy had lost interest in large scale airships. It is also the "spiritual ancestor" of my 2001 and 2021 model airships, both being modern airships from that future that never came to be (at least in RL, it's alive and well here in SL at Second Skies). For more info about the Tin Bubble, see: and

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